Our Mission:
To inspire and enable Big Island youth to be productive and responsible citizens, through quality programs in a safe and caring Environment.


Position Description
The Office Administrator serves as the lead point-of-contact, charged with implementing and managing the daily office responsibilities and related tasks for the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Island (BGCBI) Administrative Office, located at 100 Kamakahonu Street Hilo, Hi.

This Full-Time Non-Exempt position (which averages 40 hrs a week) reports directly to the Director of Operations.

Normal work schedule of this position: Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm (with a 1hr break for lunch daily).

*Please note that this position will (at times) require you to work during special weekend events and evening fundraising activities that help to support the organization.

Daily Duties & Responsibilities
Front Office Point-of-Contact
* Warmly greets individuals and groups as they visit the office and our program facilities;
* Receives initial questions from visitors and public related to organization and program, and forwards inquires to proper BGCBI staff for follow-up;
* Maintains a log of individuals that come to visit the office;
* Arranges meeting times for Administrative leadership and visitors;
* Assesses the availability of Administrative leadership to receive visitors;
* Prepares beforehand the needed information and support data for Admin officials;
* Provides timely follow-up response to visitor inquiries, emails, phone calls;
* Lead point person to receive Admin office phone calls, documenting and passing on messages;
* Manages the incoming/outgoing daily mail;
* Responds to email communications representing the organization as needed;
* Point-person for collecting and managing documents, forms, invoices, receipts that come to Admin;
* Manages the daily/weekly/monthly event and activity schedule for Administration;
* Provides schedule oversight, support and task follow-up, to assure work activities are accomplished by Admin by planned deadlines.

Operational Support Responsibilities
* Helps to staff program site locations when programs are short handed;
* Arranges the advertisement of BGCBI employee positions;
* Collects, manages, files individual application materials submitted to BGCBI;
* Manages employee records and related HR files assuring proper documentation and file security;
* Coordinates the BGCBI volunteer scheduling and daily work assignments;
* Performs the proper submittal of employee and volunteer background checks;
* Helps with HR inquiries with BGCBI’s Human Resource provider;
* Produces the BGCBI employee identification nametags and youth member ID-cards;
* Assists in the proper issuing and collection of facility and vehicle keys to staff;
* Maintains the repair, upkeep and maintenance records of all BGCBI vehicles;
* Coordinates and schedules the repair, upkeep and maintenance of BGCBI facilities, property grounds and equipment;
* Maintains a calendar and work completion log of all repairs, upkeep and maintenance performed;
* Orders office and program supplies and staff uniforms, maintaining a current record inventory of purchased items, is charged with the proper storage and issuing of supplies;
* Secures and picks-up needed supplies and equipment for the organization;
* Provides photo capturing needed for BGCBI documentation;
* Organizes and develops BGCBI marketing materials for events and presentations;
* Assists operational directors and executive leadership as needed.

Fiscal Support Responsibilities
* Receives and properly manages the cash, checks, and credit card transactions that occur at the office;
* Issues receipts for donations and monetary transactions;
* Keeps a proper record of the daily transactions and communicates transactions to BGCBI Finance officials as directed;
* Transports funds collected to BGCBI financial institutions;
* Provides communication between BGCBI financial institutions and Admin;
* Assists the BGCBI Finance Team with related fiscal management tasks.

Grant Support Functions
* Keeps a calendar of secured grant reporting deadlines, new grant proposal submittals dates, and timeline for proper grant proposal development;
* Assists the R&D/Grants Team with seeking/identifying new grant funding opportunities, developing grant proposal exhibits, organizing required supplemental materials for proper grant proposal submittal;
* Reads through new secured grant contracts to develop calendar reporting dates and drafts documentation for Admin to review specific contracted activity requirements;
* Helps to properly file and maintain BGCBI’s grants contract system.

Other Responsibilities
* Helps to maintain and upkeep the Administrative office to meet standards of health and proper sanitation;
* Organizes, inventories, and properly stores office files, records/documents, supplies and equipment that are part of the office and organization;
* Assures proper safety measures are occurring within the office;
* Assures the Administrative office is properly secured after work hours;
* Helps to train BGCBI employees in office management tasks/functions;
* Assures that office phone system and computer servers are secure and functioning  properly;
* Arranges for IT support, providing vendor with troubleshooting communication;
* Assures that office Copy Machine is operating properly and provides minor trouble shooting and maintenance;
* Helps to maintain the BGCBI website and other BGCBI social media platforms;
* Schedules and attends Administrative related meetings and serves as note-taker, capturing the minutes and official communication records that provide meeting notes to attendees after function ends.

* Must have a valid State of Hawaii Drivers License;
* Must posses a Clean Driving Abstract (nationally cleared to operate a motor vehicle);
* Must be able to drive and operate a motor vehicle;
* Must be able to pass BGCBI’s State & National background check (annually);
* Is willing to perform a State & National background check annually;
* Is willing and able to physically lift items up to 50lbs;
* Is willing and able to work on some weekends, evening events, and other times outside of the normal workday period;
* Is able to interact positively with office co-workers, BGCBI program staff, visitors, and general public; always presenting yourself in a friendly, warm and caring fashion; is approachable, genuine, willing to provide help, guidance and offers supportive assistance; always displaying positive behaviors, tactfulness; and wants to contribute and be a team-player.



Are you, or do you know someone who is, passionate about working with youth?

Boys & Girls Club of the Big Island is seeking individuals with a strong passion for working with youth. As a YOUTH DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST, you will work at out-of-school programs at our Hilo, Keaau, Pahoa , Pahala, Ocean View or Kealakehe Club leading programs in a variety of areas such as the arts, gardening, computers & technology, sports & recreation, or other areas of interest to youth ages 6 to 18. Experience working with youth required. This is an hourly and part time position. 

If interested, we require a cover letter stating why you are interested in this position and which Club site you would like to work at. Please email the cover letter and your resume  to HR@bgcbi.org (include your phone number, home and email addresses on your resume) or fax to 808-961-5534.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. We are also an equal opportunity employer of individuals with disabilities and protected veterans.